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bi koujaku and pan noiz defense squad

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Does my face have the same things that you and normal people have on their faces?

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next is the Cinnamon Bara!!!
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Mink’s route(s) and the different translations


Pretty sure you already know that the people who made the English patch for the DRAMAtical Murder games did a shit job on Mink’s routes, deliberately so because they simply didn’t like him and let their bias show in the translation. But I thought I’d point out a few things that really bothered me, and a few things that really could’ve made people who don’t like Mink think differently. Because people are apparently still saying that “there was nothing wrong with the patch translation”. Yes, there were plenty of things wrong with it, and here’s a few examples.

(The top is the patch translation, and the bottom is from here, translated by Tumblr user dramatical-rhyme.)



Frightening expression = something that scares the person who sees it.
Frightened eyes = … Person with said expression looks scared. Pretty obvious, and a huge difference in its meaning. The top one is written out so that you’d think Aoba was scared of Mink, while the one below is the exact opposite. See what I mean? And this is just one of many examples.


"Dumbfuck" and "idiot" obviously sound very different, there’s no arguing there. What he says is "baka", and… well, the most common translation is "idiot". If he would’ve used "aho" (アホ), it would’ve been closer to the patch translation, but still not quite the same. Ergo, "dumbfuck" is unnecessarily harsh to use, even for Mink.


Now here’s a big, big difference, and I probably won’t have to point out why.


This one’s really pissing me off, because they’re not only demonising Mink in the translation - but also making Aoba sound like he actually enjoyed what Mink did to him. He didn’t, not in the least bit. He tried to find pleasure in it, because it would make him suffer less. That doesn’t mean he actually succeeded in doing so, which is already pretty damn obvious from playing the game. And yet they make it sound like he enjoyed it. Sickening.

Conclusion: People probably have the wrong impression of Mink and it’s all thanks to the translators who made the English patch. They did a fairly good job on the other routes, but due to their obvious dislike for Mink, his character was almost made into something completely different.

And no, I don’t approve of his actions just because I can say I still like Mink, despite the things he’s done. I’m more than aware of what he’s done and I think what he did was absolutely despicable. But, at the same time, I understand why he did it, and appreciate his growth as a character throughout the routes, making him the most interesting one of the main guys.


Date a boy who sings to you. Date a boy who cooks. Date a boy who is happy you wake up every morning. Date a boy with “charm points” on his face. Date a boy that’s a little self-conscious and doesn’t age. Date a boy who is an android designed to brainwash the human race and dies breaking apart in your arms because he wanted to protect you. Clear. Date Clear.



what is white culture

clapping after an airplane lands

How to tell if a blog is trash


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i find this suspicious



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"Burn down."

"Burn down."



Art by 十九☂Rate and/or fav the artist!~


Art by 十九☂
Rate and/or fav the artist!~

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